Timulazu foundation is a Christian organisation which wants to offer a better future for the disadvantaged young adults in Romania. In Romania, the foundation has a State farm with a campsite and a petting zoo, where the young people experience an intensive Training programme of two years that focusses on how to live and work. More and more they experience Timulazu as a new family. They can come here with their difficulties and still receive a positive welcome. 

The foundation’s name is derived from the two places where it all started: Tirgu Mureș in Romania and Laag Zuthem in the Netherlands.

The foundation finances the training programme in Romania through a thrift store in Heino, which is in the Netherlands. In addition, Timulazu organises activities to raise awareness for the cause and to raise money. All of the above is possible, because there are enthusiastic and determined volunteers.

Would you like to contribute to our unique, dynamic and above all effective foundation? There are several ways to help. Click here for the possibilities. We thank you in advance.

The foundation is an Algemeen Nut Beoogde Instelling, an institution that strives to help the common good.

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