Camping Timulazu: we have something for everyone! The Camping is in Sânmărghita, Mureș. The village is situated on the hills near the river Mureș. In the village of Sânmărghita, you can buy bread and make other purchases. A five-minute walk will bring you to the village. 

The camping
There is room for eight caravans/campers and fifteen tents. It is possible to park your car near the tent, but to assure a peaceful surrounding we would like to ask you to park your car on the parking lot.

The toilets on the camping are divided in toilets for men and for women. Both have two toilets, showers, and several sinks. In the part for women, there is a washing machine that can be used against a small contribution.  Next to the toilet-area there is an area with sinks and an outdoor kitchen. There is no drinking water on the terrain due to high levels of chalk in the water. We advise you to buy bottled water.

The campsite is still under construction. Please take this into account.

Tents for rent
The tents that you can rent have beds and bedding, chairs, tables, cutlery, and kitchenware.

Timulazu had 23 camping spots, but also other options for your accommodation. There are two spacious apartments that are fully equipped.  The apartments consist of two bedrooms, a large living room with a kitchen and a neat bathroom with a toilet. You can rent a crib and a chair for children from 10 Lei a day.

Near the back of the terrain are two cabins. They are equipped with three beds and a seating area. You can use the camping’s facilities. A fourth mattress is an option.

We offer breakfast. The costs are per person. You can choose between a normal breakfast or one with more luxurious sandwiches. Please click here for the rates.

There is more..
At the Timulazu camping, we have several extras that will make your stay in Romania as comfortable as possible.

There is a roof in the middle of the camping for general use. You can read a book or watch your children play in the lovely shade. You can swim in the pool or the river Mureș. The river is at walking distance from the campsite.

You can come to the reception for information on the activities and sights. We have several routes you can hike or bike. We have paragliding and a lot more. The Mureș river is a river with clear water and sometimes a strong current. The water is shallow and great for the kids to play in near the bank of the river. We do advise you to take swim shoes.

At the other side of the farm is the petting zoo ‘Arca Lui Noe’ (Noah’s ark). Your children have unlimited access to the petting zoo during visiting hours, if accompanied by an adult. We organise several activities for children. They can join in for a small fee. There are several bigger and smaller animals in the petting zoo and the children can play on the playground.

There is a playground for the youngest children on the camping itself.