Ark activities

Ark Activities

We think it is important for children to enjoy everything in nature. That is why we offer materials like wood, rocks, and water at the petting zoo. We stimulate the children to use their own imagination to discover how much fun it is to play outside. We recommend the parents to bring old clothes for the children, so they can play carefree. There are facilities where the children can wash and change clothes at the petting zoo.

We offer different activities for schools and other organisations, which enables children to learn about nature and animals in a fun and creative way. There are scavenger hunts. The children can go out and explore everything on the terrain. We offer many more activities alike. Nature and the animals are a central theme in the activities. If you would like more information or if you want to book an activity,
please contact us:
☏ 00 40 – 74 75 04 700
Children’s parties
Of course, you want to do something special for your child’s birthday! At the petting zoo, we offer the chance to make your child’s birthday extra special. You can put together a ‘birthday-package’. Every child is different and we want to make your wishes come true as best as we can. Please contact us to arrange a special birthday.

Tuesday-Friday: You can make a reservation at the park for a birthday party. You will have the park for your use the whole day. It is also possible to have your birthday party in the park on weekends. However, the park will also be open to the public on weekends.

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