Ark animals

Ark Animals

We have four ponies. The largest pony is named Herman. Herman is a fjord and was born in the Netherlands. Together with Spetter, he was brought to Romania in 2014. Spetter is a Shetland pony. A Shetland is the smallest breed of ponies in the world. Ebolina and Carolina are also Shetland ponies.

Liz and Lizzi were born in a herd of sheep in Sanpaul. Liz stood out when we were looking for goats. When the shepherd told us Liz had a twin sister called Lizzi, she could come with us too.

Sonja and Donja are sheep from the same herd in Sanpaul. These ladies were a little nervous, when they first got here. Fortunately, there was a nice boy that was a guest at our campsite. He took care of the sheep and said that it would probably help if we named them. He named them Sonja and Donja.

Our pigs are two Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs. Their names are Chica and Mica. When it is time to feed the animals, Chica and Mica will give everybody a performance of different noises.

Several chicken families live with us. Some of these families come from the Netherlands and some from Romania. The keen observer will see the differences between these families.

We have several different rabbits at the petting zoo. When winter comes, the rabbits sleep in the warm barn. During summertime, they can be outside. Children are welcome to come and pet the rabbits.