Camping Timulazu

Camping Timulazu

Welcome to Camping Timulazu!
A campsite with many possibilities!

Camping Timulazu is in Sânmărghita, Mureș. The full address is: Principal 127A, 547553, Sânmărghita, SanPaul, Romania. Sânmărghita is situated at 20 kilometres from the big city Tirgu Mureș. The picturesque village is situated on the hills, near the Mureș river. To reach the village you can use a ferry. Men authentically pull this ferry. The campsite can also be reached via the neighbouring village of SanPaul. There is a bridge over the river Mureș there. There are a lot of activities and things to admire on and surrounding the campsite.

The Timulazu camping is part of the two-year training programme for the disadvantaged young adults. If you book a holiday here you will not only have a wonderful time on a great location, but you are helping your fellow men at the same time. You help us financially and support our perspective for the future. By staying here, you help the young adults that take part in the Timulazu training programme and the inhabitants of Sânmărghita. You cannot think of a better holiday!

The campsite is still under construction, please take that into account. 

Contact:  0040 755 572 384