Our team

Our team

Timulazu foundation revolves around people and exists thanks to people. These are people who voluntarily put in their effort and care for fellow men with their heart and soul. Because of this effort, the foundation proved its right to exist over the last four years. De volunteers have the following functions:

The board

In the Netherlands:
Chairman: W. Eikelboom
Secretary: W. Laarman
Treasurer: W. Bredenhoff
Board member: G. Halfwerk
Board member: B. van der Vegte

In Romania:
Chairman:  E. Pongrat – van der Kolk
Secretary: W. Eikelboom
Treasurer: W.  van der Kolk

Thrift store

Thrift store committee
Chairman: L. Bredenhoff
Member: M. Jonathans
Member: B. Morrenhof
Member: variable member
Member: B. Van der Zalm

Working groups thrift store 

Clothes:                                                                               T. Braakman, J. de Bruijn, M. Harmssen
Recycling/furniture/electrics:                                H. Lindeboom, B. van der Zalm, L. Bredenhoff
Books/cash register/toys:                                          M. Jonathans, B. Koenjer, W. Gerritsen.
Household:                                                                        J. Van t’ Oever, D. Huiskamp
Schedule/volunteers:                                                    M. Van der Kolk, W. Bredenhoff
Send cards in the event of birthdays/illness:     M. van der Kolk


Training programme
Pedagogical workers: E. Pongrat – van der Kolk, M. Varga

Reception/bookings: E. Pongrat – van der Kolk, M. Varga
Handyman: W. Vinke

Petting Zoo ‘Noah’s Ark’
Manager: E. Pongrat