Lei is the currency in Romania. On the campsite and in several shops you can pay with euros. 1 euro equals 4 Lei, so dividing Lei in 4 will give you the value in euros. Both euros and Lei are on this page. The rates are an indication. The course of the currency changes, so the prices will change. Please take this into account.

SVR contributors
The Timulazu campsite is a SVR (Stichting Vrije Recreatie: the recreation foundation). If you are a contributor to the SVR, you will receive a discount on your stay when you show your pass. Would you like to camp cheap all over Europe? Become a contributor and enjoy peace, space, and an affordable stay at our campings. www.SVR.nl

The apartments consist of two bedrooms, a large living room with a kitchen and a neat bathroom with a toilet. Renting an apartment is 90 Lei/€20 per night for four people. Two more beds or cribs are optional for 10 lei/€2,50 per night. This includes the bedding and dishcloths.

At Timulazu we have a place for eight campers/caravans and 15 tents.

Costs per night:  Price Lei                              
Children 0 – 2 free Lei free
Children 2 – 4 6 Lei € 1,50
Children 4 – 12 12 Lei € 3,-
Adults  (from 12 years old) 14 Lei € 3,50
Dogs (only on a leash) 8 Lei € 2,-
Big  tent (4 people) 10 Lei € 2,50
Small  tent (2 people) 8 Lei € 2,-
Big tent 4 people  (for rent) 16 Lei € 4,-
Small tent 2 people (for rent) 12 Lei € 3,-
Caravan 16 Lei € 4,-
Camper 16 Lei € 4,-
Power for the caravans/campers 10 Lei € 1,50
Shower 1 Lei € 0,25

Tents (for rent)
The tents that you can rent have beds and bedding, chairs, tables, cutlery, and kitchenware.  Please make a reservation in advance!

Near the back of the terrain are two cabins. They are equipped with three beds, a sitting area, and a kitchen. You can use the camping’s facilities. A fourth bed or a crib is optional for 10 lei/€2,50 per bed per night.  A cabin is 50 lei/€10 (3 people) per night. This includes bedding.


Breakfast 1:
6,50 lei/€ 1,50 per person:
4 slices of brown or white bread, milk, thee and coffee, meats, cheese spread, sweet toppings and an egg.

Breakfast 2:
10,50 lei/€ 2,50 per person:
4 nice sandwiches with milk, thee and coffee, meats, cheese spread, sweet toppings and an egg.

Hot meals
At Robogo restaurant (in another village) you can order a hot meal or a pizza and they will deliver it. During the week, they offer meals from 12 to four in the afternoon for 14 lei/€3,25: soup, a main course and dessert. For large groups, it is possible to have a meal delivered in the evening as an exception.