Travel plan

Travel plan

Below is a concise travel plan to get form the Netherlands to Romania with a car. Please check the travel tips for more information on fling, visa, currency, and car rental.

The address for the Timulazu camping and ‘Noah’s ark’ petting zoo is:
Principal 27A, 547553
Sânmărghita, SanPaul
☏ 00 40 – 74 75 04 700

GPS: 46.48364° N   24.37520° E

Concise travel plan form the Netherlands
Venlo -> Koln -> Frankfurt
Nurnberg -> Passau -> Linz
Becs (A) (Vienna) -> M0 (M zero road)
Turn right at the traffic lights, Artand (H)
Left  Artand (H)
Oradea -> Gileu -> Cluj A3
Turda -> E60 Tirgu Mureș
Turn left to Sanpaul village,
Drive straight over the river Mureș.
Take a right turn and drive through Sânmărghita.
Drive a little further outside of het town and you will see it in your left.

A stop along the way
A tip for a cheap hostel is in Melk, Austria:
This hostel is nearly halfway. You can also spend the night in a town by the border of Austria with Hungary: Hegyeshalom.

Travel directions from Chilileu (by ferry)
From the E60 exit Chirileu. Then follow the road, over the tracks, through the village until you see a church on your left. Turn left there. Follow this road over the dike, past the pedestrian bridge until you reach the ferry. When you have crossed the Mureș by ferry, follow the road until you reach the village. Turn right in the village and straight on until you see a big white farm on your left.

Travel directions from Sanpaul (by bridge)
From the E60 exit Sanpaul, follow the road, over the tracks, past the police station, past the old castle until you reach the bridge. Cross the Mureș river here. Turn right after the bridge. Follow this road until you reach the Sânmărghita village. Keep following the road in the village, past the shops and the school, until you reach a big white farm on your left.